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Using this for Day 2 of the "Things That Make Me Happy" meme. I wouldn't say the episode makes me happy, but I do love me some emo!Nix.

Not bad for someone who's never fired his weapon in combat, huh? / Really? Really, you've never...? / Nope. / Not even with all the action we've seen? / Not a round. )
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Meet Winters (played by Damian Lewis) and Nixon (played by Ron Livingston). They are in Band of Brothers playing BFFs. The real Winters and Nixon were also BFFs, but for fandom's sake, we pretend that these sets of men are completely different. This makes the slashing less complicated, and the slashing is very much evident with these two. Here I have their scenes from the first two episodes, Currahee and Day of Days.

Nice ride you got here, Nix. )

Hopefully this should have perked the interest of those of you who haven't seen it yet because REALLY this miniseries is love and the fandom is made of win from what I've seen so far. :)